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Mr. Ken Hauk, sole owner, creator, and copyright trademark holder of the “Do It Right” graphics, artwork, and original concept is now offering this outstanding opportunity to the public for rights and licensing for commercial use. This graphic package with the renderings and tag line (see attached) will be very suitable for use as the core elements for major advertising campaigns and related promotional materials.

This offering is being made with purchase and use options as follows:

  1. Full rights unlimited use purchase.
  2. Extended license purchase allowing for unlimited use with negotiated royalties.
  3. Limited use license with negotiated scope and royalties.
  4. Single use and royalty as negotiated.

Permitted uses of these materials:

  1. Advertisements in newspapers, magazines, or other printed materials.
  2. Web, digital, and television advertisements.
  3. Printed promotional products including product packaging, catalogues, brochures, greeting cards, post cards, posters, and other items that are not used for resale.

License restrictions and prohibited uses (unless full rights are purchased):

  1. “Print on Demand” products (i.e. Vistaprint)
  2. Use in any other logo or trademark.
  3. Pornographic, obscene, or any other libelous works.
  4. Sub-License, give away, share, or otherwise transfer to others without written agreement from Mr. Ken Hauk.

Legal Guarantee:

Mr. Hauk guarantees that these graphic images are original and fully owned by him. These materials do not infringe upon any other copyright, moral right, trademark, or other intellectual property right.

Contact Information:

Ken Hauk - 1805 Sapling Dr St Charles MO 63366 - 314-220-3547